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ZS Technologies was formed in 2015, within the short period we worked very hard to build our reputation through our Services and remained successful in our effort, we earned the trust of our valued customers. We are a service-oriented packaging, coding and printing solutions provider.

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Our Team Is a Combination Of Veterans From Different Areas!

1000 Series Refurbished CIJ Printers

1000 Series Printers are available in refurbished condition with warranty. The 1000 Series small character inkjet coder is a highly flexible platform specifically designed for high and medium duty coding applications.

Lasers Marking Systems

Laser Marking is a non-contact printing method that offer advantages over the technologies including mark quality, permanence and fewer consumables. Our Laser Marking Machines includes CO2 and Fiber laser sources in different power outputs to address a range of substrates and applications.

Labeling Machine

Our Labeling Machine is economical, self-contained and easy to operate. Our Labelers are ideal for all plastic, metal, fiber and glass containers.

Manual & Automatic Industrial Lifters

Manual & Automatic Drum Lifters, reel loading & Pallet Lifting Trucks make work easy & Enhance efficiency & output. ABPL offers advanced bag handling solutions.

Why Choose

Don’t take it from us; the companies we work for will tell you about the high ethical standards that guide everything we do. Honest, transparent communication is the key to smooth business relationships, especially when an issue needs to be addressed. When there’s work to be done, we’re all on the same team; openness and mutual respect on all sides ensure strong ongoing relationships and prevent unwanted surprises
The complexity of our work also means that we rely on team work – there are no ‘one-person’ jobs, but collaborative efforts. This value of unitedness helps create an environment where everyone feels connected, enabling a collective intelligence. Our values are a journey, and looking to the future, we are constantly evaluating ourselves against them and seeking to improve. Our employees are always working to ensure a collective mindset is embraced at every level, breaking down silos across the organization, to achieve more successful, collaborative results.
We are constantly aiming to grow both as individuals and as a company. We believe that the journey of education is a lifelong pursuit, and that this kind of lifelong learning is what will continue to push us forward as a company.
Our customer is our top priority and we ensure superior services to exceed customer’s expectations. When it comes to our technical support, we are just at a phone call away from our clients.


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